Oct 13

Cognitive Neuroscience at Barnard: Exploring the Human Mind

Virtual + James Room, 418 Barnard Hall

Barnard is expanding its research in cognitive neuroscience, an exciting field that investigates how perception, thought, emotion and behavior are related to processes in the brain.

Join President Sian Leah Beilock for a panel discussion with two new hires in our Neuroscience and Behavior Department: BJ Casey and Alex White. President Beilock is an expert on the cognitive neuroscience of learning and performance under stress. Dr. Casey studies a wide range of topics related to the developing adolescent brain, and Dr. White’s research is about visual perception and reading.

These three scientists will explain what cognitive neuroscience is—and what it is not. They will also discuss the promises and challenges of their unique blend of disciplines for expanding our understanding of development, learning, and performance. Provost Linda A. Bell will open the evening. The program will be moderated by Rae Silver, Helene L. and Mark N. Kaplan Professor of Natural and Physical Sciences, Chair, Neuroscience and Behavior Department, Psychology Department, Barnard College.

View a recording of the event